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When I first began taking art seriously my only intention was to release emotion. After struggling with my mental health, exploring and expanding my relationship to God/Self, and a series of events that redirected my journey, I alchemized my past into my purpose and launched in August of 2020 & COCREATOR LLC in July of 2022. 


I believe that we are all intrinsically creative. Some of us choose to build our lives around that knowingness and go further with it. We are all here to deliver a message and tell our story. 


I consider my art a form of storytelling because my subjects and styles are dependent on whatever narrative I was in at that given time. For example, much of my art in 2020 was inspired by grief and healing, while in 2021 I drew inspiration from sources such as my fellow creatives, my travels, and nature. I consider this transition from one source of inspiration to another to be the most beautiful part of the creative process; not attaching myself to one idea of who I am and what I should be creating. 


My art will evolve as my story evolves and I am grateful to be able to share it with the world. Everything else is open to interpretation. 

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